Saturday, December 27, 2008


Let's face it, with this recession going on, everyone is looking for a break anywhere they can get it. And since we all want to still look good and buy our usual things that make us look good, here is a list of high end brands (Mac, Bobbie Brown, Cargo) vs. cheaper drug store (Ulta, Jane, Loreal) dupes. STAY FABULOUS!
****if you're looking for something in particular, hit CONTROL+F on this site and type in a word (ie... parrot ---if you're looking for Mac Parrot). it will pull you to the first instance of the word. Makes finding a particular color ALOT easier than looking through the whole list.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I recently discovered Sally Girl makeup at Sally's Beauty Supply after seeing someone use it on Makeup Geek. The eye shadows are $0.99 but with your sally's card they're $0.89!!! so are the lip glosses and blushes. the shimmer bricks are kinda high though...$1.99. LOL! So I picked up a few eye shadows, a shimmer brick, and a lip gloss last week. So far i'm happy with the colors i've tried with the staying power and pigmentation. Which is not good because now i'll be buying alot more!! all the things i used in the look below, i already had which were basics (black eye shadow) or was a free sample I got from Mac except for the new Sally Girl stuff. So the look only cost me $5!!! You can't beat that

STAY FABULOUS!!! *smooches*

What I used:
MAc Studio fix fluid in NC45
Mac blush in Blunt to contour--not necessary but you can use it if you want
Mac blush in Coppertone or any peachy toned blush you have will work
Sally Girl shimmer brick as highlighter--the back says 'GTG', not sure if that's the name but its the peach one
UDPPNYX white jumbo crayon all over my eye
Sally Girl Green Apple e/s on inner 2/3 of eye
NYX Charcoal pigment in crease
Sally Girl Snow e/s as highlighter
Mac Carbon e/s in outer V or any matte black you have
Mac #36 lashes
Mac Hodgepodge liner or anything you have that's a neutral brown
Sally Girl l/g in So Barbie--LOVES IT!!


IT'S ME!!!! ok so i decided to revamp myself for the weekend. So i got some new hair---i went with jet black and super short! anywho, this is the look to go with the new hair do (for now). I rarely use Deep Truth so I tried it out and loved it! hope you like it too :-)

and by the way, dont get attached to this! i'll be trying something different next weekend. LOL

STAY FABULOUS!!! *smooches*

I like this silly picture because you can actually see the contouring I attempted to do. LOL! i'm sick.....

What I used:
MAc Studio fix fluid in NC45
Mac blush in Blunt to contour
Mac blush in Pinkered Peach/Trust Fund duo -- LE
Mac Bamboom paint all over
Heavenly Natural pigment in Diva on center lid
Mac Gold Mode pigment on inner 1/3 of lid
Mac Deep Truth on outer V and crease
Mac Carbon on outer V
Mac Gold Dusk pigment as highlighter ---LOVES IT!!! looks so much better in person
Mac #36 lashes
Bobbie Brown Petal Blossom l/g

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I LOVE PURPLE! every shade, no matter what it is. Since i thought i lost my mojo last week, i decided to go back to what i i had a new purple shirt that i needed a look for. ha!

And sorry for the crappy lighting. i'm usually doing looks on saturday mornings and taking pics in my dining room with good natural light. but I woke up late for church and didn't have time to take any pics. So i resorted to taking these late that night. you should have seen me searching the house for good lighting for these pics *sigh*


nc45 studio fix fluid
mac rose quartz blush
mac blunt to contour--which i did a crappy job of

mac trax on lid and almost up to brow
mac parfait amour on outer lid
nyx milk jumbo pencil on inner 1/3 of lid
mac entremauve pigment in crease
mac shadowy lady in outer v
mac vex as highlight

bobbie brown petal blossom l/g (great gloss to wear by itself for a sheer pink tint--but it's pricey..i'm still looking for a dupe)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I guess I would call this my natural look. Its pretty much what I wear when i'm running late for work. It goes with everything and it takes like no time to do because there's really nothing to it but its still a little something. and you can always make it go from this look to something more intense by just adding either some espresso or carbon in your crease and outer V. or wearing a red lipstick with it....hhmm might try that one day :-)

NC45 studio fix fluid
MSF medium as highlighter
Iman Earth 2 shadesick to contour
Mac coppertone blush
Mac Blonde's Gold pigment all over eye--you can also subsititute this with Mac Indianwood paint pot
Mac Carbon on lashline smudged up--you can also substitute this with Mac Espresso
BTFL on waterline and top liner
Mac Hodgepodge liner
Mac Underplay l/s
Rimmel l/g in Lure


A friend pointed out recently that I don't always post my looks on my blog that I do on other sites. and now i see that is true. So i'm spending a little time tonight to i guess repost looks. enjoy!

I used Mac Steel Blue pigment, NYX Green Tea, Mac Cork, Mac Carbon, Mac Shroom


here is a look using Heavenly Naturals Diva Pigment ( ). i like how the bright purple is balanced out with the browns....which you will see i do alot. it makes it more every day wearable IMO.

Heavy Metal

this was an Ashanti look contest on MUG ( that I didn't enter at the time the contest was on...I ended up doing it a month later. I actually like how it came out. I love the platinum pigment because it makes it look like there's really metal on my eyes


NC45 Studio Tech

MSF in medium to highlight

MSF in deep dark to contour

Slave to Love blush



Architecture pp

Platinum pigment on lid

Heavenly Natural pig in Chic in crease and up

H.N. pig in Espresso in crease and outer v

Carbon in outer v and on lower lash line

Shroom as highlight

BTFL to line on top and water line


Hodgepodge liner

Viva Glam 6 l/s (or it might be Viva Glam 5--which ever is lighter of the 2)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HEY! i know i know, its been too long since i've updated my blog :-( I've just been so busy with work, mommyhood, wifeyhood, sisterhood.... but finally, i have a new look. We were supposed to be taking family pics today but the photog canceled at the last minute because of a sick kid. i went with just something neutral. but i'm kinda glad she canceled because i can see stuff that i am going to change for the rescheduled picture day.

NC45 studio fix fluid
NW40 concealer for under eyes
Mac Blunt blush to contour--eventhough you can't really see it
Mac Slave to Love blush
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in medium to highlight under eyes

Mac Bamboom paint from lash line to brow bone
Mac Soft Brown e/s on lid -- probably the most under rated one uses it and i think it's so soft looking
Mac Silver Ring on outer 1/3 of eye lid
Mac Swiss Chocolate in crease up to brow bone
Bobbie Brown Rich Brown in crease
Mac Carbon on outer V
Mac Shroom as highlight

Mac Hodgepodge lip liner
Mac Viva Glam 6 l/s
Mac My Dear l/g (comes in the holiday neutral lip set in a mini bottle--they need to sell this in a big bottle!!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Look--new foundation......

Hey Gals!!! I know i've been M.I.A. in the past week but you know Hurricane Ike threw a monkey wrench into my routine. So I'm going to post what i've been doing in the mean time.

Also, RUN to Ulta (or ) this week. They're having a buy 3, get 3 free and you can mix and match between your favorite brands!!! that's like the whole store being BOGO!!! Now I know you can find 6 things in there that you 'need', so hurry up while your favorite colors are still there. This is also a good opportunity to try something new!

here's my latest look. I am on a quest for the perfect foundation/flawless skin. so i went to Mac yesterday and asked for a new foundation, highlighting, and contour colors. While i'm not in love with the over highlighting she did under my eyes, I love the foundation color itself. I just need to use less highlighter under my eyes when I do it myself. and wow, check out my nose. I was never a fan of a contoured nose, I told the makeup artist (MUA) that she can 'play' with my nose. She said she had an upcoming shoot where she'd be required to do alot of contouring so this was good practice for her. She did a pretty darn good job! It looks like I actually have a bridge on my nose.


What I Used:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC45 (she didnt set it with anything)
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF) in Medium to highlight
Mac MSF in Deep Dark to contour
no blush...I think I could have use some though

EYES: (I did my own eyes)
Mac Greenstroke Paint pot (p/p) on the lid
Constructivist p/p in the crease
Shroom eyeshadow (e/s) on the highlight
Shadowy Lady e/s in the outer V

Mac Hodgepodge liner--for that ultra nude look
Mad Cap lipgloss (l/g)
Mac #4 lashes

Sunday, September 7, 2008

How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup??

Take a look in your makeup bag. See anything in there that's been there for a while? Well you may not know, but like food, makeup can go bad and be a breeding ground for bacteria. I've been asked recently how long was really ok to keep certain products. So today I have the answers for you :-) Most of the time you can use your personal judgement. But if something is giving you a warning sign before the official life span, then obviously disregard the toss times below and toss it right then and there.

• Life-span = 6 months to 1 year
• Warning signs = thickening, altered color, or change in odor

• Life-span = 1 to 1 ½ years
• Warning signs = color change or thickening

Brush, Face powder, Eye-shadow:
• Life-span = 3 years
• Warning signs = texture change when applying, dryness or change in color

• Life-span = 3 to 4 months
• Warning signs = Change in odor, texture, or color

Pencils: (for eyes or lips)
• Life-span = 3 to 6 months
• Warning signs = Change in odor, texture, or color

• Life-span: 2 years
• Warning signs = taste or odor change, stickiness

Monday, September 1, 2008

Today's Look

Since I had so much from my Mac haul on Friday, I HAD to try out a new look. Hope ya'll like it!! :-)

What I used:
Mac Mineral Satin Finish liquid foundation in NC45
Mac NC45 Loose powder
Mac Blunt blush (for contouring)
Mac Pinkered Peach/Trust Fund duo blush--i think this was Limited Edition

Mac Architecture p/p all over
Mac Bold and Brazen on lid (my new favorite color!)
Mac Cork in crease up to brow
Mac Folie and Sketch in crease
Mac Carbon in outer V
Mac Gesso as highlight
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline on water line and upper lash line
Mac #4 (i think) lashes

Mac liner in Cork
Mac Jampacked lip gloss

Before and After

This is a before and after of a friend of mine that I did a while back. At first I went for a evening bridal sort of look and then we took it a bit more dramatic by just adding to what she already had on.
Arent her eyes gorgeous??!!!

And here is where I added to it and made it a little more dramatic

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mac haul!!!

Yesterday me and a couple friends went to Mac to have our makeup done with the new Cult of Cherry collection. Ever since we made the appointment a few weeks ago, I've been stalking the collection and making a list of must haves. When I got to Mac with list in hand, my head was clear and I had a plan. If I didn't have a plan, I would have felt out of when you're on a diet and you go out to eat with people and they order a whole platter of fried appetizers. You have to go to the restaurnt with a plan to eat right or you will eat those appetizers!! Anywho, with list in hand, we met up ready to get diva-fied. I opted for the Spiced Chocolate eyeshadow quad (minus that orangey bronze color--never looks good on me), vanilla pigment highlight and a neutral lip. but after my friend heard me say neutral lip to the makepu artist she said no. haha I always wear a neutral lip. So I said ok and decided to try something different and said give me the red lip reluctantly. Whats funny was I was actually I couldnt wipe it off if I didn't like it. The makeup artist that was applying the makeup ended up doing a pretty good job. I liked the eye shadow application but what I liked the most was the red lips!! This was MY red! My lips looked like a red candy apple that was just coated. At first I wasnt so sure but after wearing it a while and hearing everyone's comments, I HAVE to get the combo (Velveteen liner, Chock-ful lipstick, and Cult of Cherry lip glass on top). At first when you see the products in the tubes you will be a little nervous...scratch a little...alot nervous. But they look so beautiful layered on top of each other!

I also was able to participate in the Back to Mac Program by turning in 6 recyclable Mac product containers and receiving a free lipstick, lipglass, or eyeshadow. These three free items are only available at Mac free standing stores. If you return 6 items to a Mac counter (such as one in Macy's), you will only be allowed to get a free lipstick. Instead of 6 containers though, I brought back 36...LOL! So that was a guaranteed 6 free items :-) WOOHOO!!!!

We ended up leaving Mac 2.5 hours later with bags full of stuff. here is my mini haul list!

first of all I don't know how on earth i've gone this long without Print, Gesso, and Poisen Pen. the look awesome together!!!

Print--a matte charcoal grey
Gesso--a matte bright white
Tempting--a vintage goldish color--LOVELY!!
Bold and Brazen--a pinkish peachy goldish color-a good staple for a natural look with some umpf
Poisen Pen--a matte lavender
Scene--a matte medium to dark grey
Soba--a khaki--I plan on using it as a blending color

Jampacked--a red raspberry color--i havent tried this on yet but you can probably go heavy or sheer with this. its a beautiful color in the tube
Enchantress--a goldish pink--great for every day wear or with a dramatic eye

#252--large synthetic shader brush
#272--small angled shader brush--OMG I couldnt sleep last night just thinking about how this was going to help my outer V game. woke up this morning and tried it out and it fits my eye PERFECTLY! I won!!!!

NC45 Select Sheer Loose Powder--I opted for a loose powder instead of my usual Studio Fix to set my liquid foundation. So far so good! I actually have less shine than when I use the Studio Fix pressed powder

here is a pic of all my goodies!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Before and After--Operation Fab

This is a makeover I did on a dear friend of mine who makes me laugh on a daily basis. She didn't need any help in the beauty department but we still had fun playing in some makeup and making her FAB!!!


different lighting

look out Tyra!!!

What I used:
Bobbi Brown cream foundation
Mac blush in Ambering Rose
Mac NC40 concealer applied all over lid
Mac Subtle pigment on eyelid
Mac Texture in crease
Mac Espresso in crease
Mac Carbon on far outer corner and on upper and lower lashline
Mac Chestnut liner
Mac "O" lipstick
Mac clear lipglass