Friday, January 30, 2009

Dramatic look...tutorial included!

HEY ALL!!! i decided the other day that i'd do a tutorial on my old faithful going out at night look. i love it because its soooo easy to do! AND i used very few products. ts just an all around sexy, dramatic go to look

and here is the tutorial to go with it:

What I used:
all Mac products unless stated
NC45 Studio Fix Fluid
NC42 concealer to highlight under eye
Slave to Love blush
NYC Sunset duo to contour
Soft Ocher paint pot
Blackground paint pot
Carbon e/s
Smolder e/l
Hodgepodge l/l
Viva Glam 5 l/s

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blue & Grey Look

ok so i did this look/tut yesterday. I tried using my Scandalous Cosmetics eye base AGAIN and it creased on me before the tut even started :o I even let it 'dry', since last time i was in a rush to go out and i thought that's why it had crease on me. uuhh no.... I dont know what it is. I'm gonna give it one more shot and then do a reveiew on it. i wanted it to work so bad! then when i started the tut, i decided that not only was the primer sucky, but so was the Fade e/s!!! you can see it in the tut not sticking at all. ugh! reminds me why i dont use it now. anywho, the whole look looked alot better in person but it took alot of work to get it that way.

What I used:
all Mac products unless stated
NC45 Studio Fix Fluid
Rose Quartz blush
NYC Sunset duo to contour
Scandalous eye primer--will do review on this soon
Camel e/s
Carbon e/s
Fade e/s
Print e/s
Gesso e/s
Hodgepodge l/l
Beaux l/g

Friday, January 23, 2009


I've only been doing tutorials on youtube for 3 weeks now and already, i've come across some really nice people! I'm not really hip to all the blog and video stuff just yet but i've been getting suggestions from people which is cool. My most recent one is to add a 'follow me' tool to this blog. I had no clue how to do this and thought it might be some fancy script that needed to be added that i didnt have. So i figured i'd ask the person who asked me how you get one of those. and you know what, she told me EXACTLY how to do it. So check me out...(look to the right of this post). You can now get up to the minute S.O. S. posts just by clicking on that follow me link!!! WOOWOOWOO!!!!

THANKS RetailMajorStylist20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brunette Blonde and Redneck...i mean Redhead LOL

LMAO!! i keep saying redneck instead of redhead. I don't know what my deal is... cant say much of anything right lately. last time this happened was when i was pregnant............................................................................................................................................................................................. Anywho, I went to Mac with Meci on Saturday to 'look' at the new Brunette Blonde, and Redhead collection. everyone has said that alot of the colors can be duped...maybe so. But one i know for sure that can't is Deep Shade. LOVES IT!!!!!! its a pretty blue that has a little purple undertone to it. I ended up doing a tutorial on the look because I like how it came out.
here is the tut!

Here's what I used:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC45
Nars Deep Throat blush
Mac Blunt blush
Mac Soft Ocher paint pot
Mac Deep Shade e/s
Mac Night Owl e/s
Mac Mylar e/s
Mac Carbon e/s
Mac Blacktrack fluidline
Mac #36 lashes
Mac Plum Soft lip liner
Mac Frozen Dream l/s

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I still cant believe it. i did a tutorial!!!! To date i've done two and i'm so proud of myself. I always have a plan to do something but my problem is execution. and this time it seems that i've conquered that second part :-) --shoot, i've been talking about it for the past 6 months! anywho, check out my tuts, rate, and SUBSCRIBE so you can stay up to date on the S.O.S. looks!...pretty please, with a cherry on top :-)


red, gold, black look
deep blue look

Monday, January 5, 2009


what happens when you go digging in your makeup case??? you find stuff you've never used *hangs head in shame* In this case, Old Gold pigment. here's the look i did with it

the green is mosscape pp with old gold pigment on top


ok so i'm hooked on Sally Girl makeup. and it's actually almost ok for me to get the whole line since it's so cheap. lol! here's a look I did for look of the week. ENJOY!

What I used:
Mac Blackground pp on lid and crease
Sally Girl Teal on lid---LOVE IT!!!!
Sally Girl Taupe to blend out
Sally Girl Champagne as highlight
Mac Carbon to intensify