Monday, December 22, 2008


IT'S ME!!!! ok so i decided to revamp myself for the weekend. So i got some new hair---i went with jet black and super short! anywho, this is the look to go with the new hair do (for now). I rarely use Deep Truth so I tried it out and loved it! hope you like it too :-)

and by the way, dont get attached to this! i'll be trying something different next weekend. LOL

STAY FABULOUS!!! *smooches*

I like this silly picture because you can actually see the contouring I attempted to do. LOL! i'm sick.....

What I used:
MAc Studio fix fluid in NC45
Mac blush in Blunt to contour
Mac blush in Pinkered Peach/Trust Fund duo -- LE
Mac Bamboom paint all over
Heavenly Natural pigment in Diva on center lid
Mac Gold Mode pigment on inner 1/3 of lid
Mac Deep Truth on outer V and crease
Mac Carbon on outer V
Mac Gold Dusk pigment as highlighter ---LOVES IT!!! looks so much better in person
Mac #36 lashes
Bobbie Brown Petal Blossom l/g


...ALLmEYEne... said...

Love the look here. this reminds me of the MAC Pandemonium quad. Perfect...oh and the hair is hitting. I'm a short hair junkie.


Sabrena said...

and i'm so not a short hair junkie! it feels very weird. everyone knows me with my long long unbeweavable brown hair. i like this little change though. but i'm going back to my 'regular' hair VERY soon!

MoMay06 said...
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MoMay06 said...

Hi, I am a member of (I lurk quit a bit, only posted a couple of times). I LOVE all your looks and I am so happy you are doing tutorials. I REALLY like this look! Would love to see a TUT for it.

Miss Redgal said...

i love the look!
where did you get the hair..its fabulous!