Monday, December 22, 2008


I recently discovered Sally Girl makeup at Sally's Beauty Supply after seeing someone use it on Makeup Geek. The eye shadows are $0.99 but with your sally's card they're $0.89!!! so are the lip glosses and blushes. the shimmer bricks are kinda high though...$1.99. LOL! So I picked up a few eye shadows, a shimmer brick, and a lip gloss last week. So far i'm happy with the colors i've tried with the staying power and pigmentation. Which is not good because now i'll be buying alot more!! all the things i used in the look below, i already had which were basics (black eye shadow) or was a free sample I got from Mac except for the new Sally Girl stuff. So the look only cost me $5!!! You can't beat that

STAY FABULOUS!!! *smooches*

What I used:
MAc Studio fix fluid in NC45
Mac blush in Blunt to contour--not necessary but you can use it if you want
Mac blush in Coppertone or any peachy toned blush you have will work
Sally Girl shimmer brick as highlighter--the back says 'GTG', not sure if that's the name but its the peach one
UDPPNYX white jumbo crayon all over my eye
Sally Girl Green Apple e/s on inner 2/3 of eye
NYX Charcoal pigment in crease
Sally Girl Snow e/s as highlighter
Mac Carbon e/s in outer V or any matte black you have
Mac #36 lashes
Mac Hodgepodge liner or anything you have that's a neutral brown
Sally Girl l/g in So Barbie--LOVES IT!!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!!!! I saw a tutorial where the sally eyeshadows were used. And didn't think too much of it, but after seeing your look I'm going to take a second look. Love love love your hair :D

Seymone said...

Loves it.. Wow I need to check out these shadows.

...ALLmEYEne... said...

This look is the bomb. And it makes me feel so bad, b/c I have purchased Sally Girl e/s before. And I haven't used them in almost 9 months. HEre are the colors I have:

Auburn (organish color)
Midnight (deep purple)
Aqua (bright tourqouise)
Glow Green (bright bright green)

Now that I pulled out my shadows I'm second guessing some of my MAC purchase (specifically electric eel...which looks similar to Aqua).

Love the looks...