Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I LOVE PURPLE! every shade, no matter what it is. Since i thought i lost my mojo last week, i decided to go back to what i love...plus i had a new purple shirt that i needed a look for. ha!

And sorry for the crappy lighting. i'm usually doing looks on saturday mornings and taking pics in my dining room with good natural light. but I woke up late for church and didn't have time to take any pics. So i resorted to taking these late that night. you should have seen me searching the house for good lighting for these pics *sigh*


nc45 studio fix fluid
mac rose quartz blush
mac blunt to contour--which i did a crappy job of

mac trax on lid and almost up to brow
mac parfait amour on outer lid
nyx milk jumbo pencil on inner 1/3 of lid
mac entremauve pigment in crease
mac shadowy lady in outer v
mac vex as highlight

bobbie brown petal blossom l/g (great gloss to wear by itself for a sheer pink tint--but it's pricey..i'm still looking for a dupe)

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