Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mac haul!!!

Yesterday me and a couple friends went to Mac to have our makeup done with the new Cult of Cherry collection. Ever since we made the appointment a few weeks ago, I've been stalking the collection and making a list of must haves. When I got to Mac with list in hand, my head was clear and I had a plan. If I didn't have a plan, I would have felt out of when you're on a diet and you go out to eat with people and they order a whole platter of fried appetizers. You have to go to the restaurnt with a plan to eat right or you will eat those appetizers!! Anywho, with list in hand, we met up ready to get diva-fied. I opted for the Spiced Chocolate eyeshadow quad (minus that orangey bronze color--never looks good on me), vanilla pigment highlight and a neutral lip. but after my friend heard me say neutral lip to the makepu artist she said no. haha I always wear a neutral lip. So I said ok and decided to try something different and said give me the red lip reluctantly. Whats funny was I was actually I couldnt wipe it off if I didn't like it. The makeup artist that was applying the makeup ended up doing a pretty good job. I liked the eye shadow application but what I liked the most was the red lips!! This was MY red! My lips looked like a red candy apple that was just coated. At first I wasnt so sure but after wearing it a while and hearing everyone's comments, I HAVE to get the combo (Velveteen liner, Chock-ful lipstick, and Cult of Cherry lip glass on top). At first when you see the products in the tubes you will be a little nervous...scratch a little...alot nervous. But they look so beautiful layered on top of each other!

I also was able to participate in the Back to Mac Program by turning in 6 recyclable Mac product containers and receiving a free lipstick, lipglass, or eyeshadow. These three free items are only available at Mac free standing stores. If you return 6 items to a Mac counter (such as one in Macy's), you will only be allowed to get a free lipstick. Instead of 6 containers though, I brought back 36...LOL! So that was a guaranteed 6 free items :-) WOOHOO!!!!

We ended up leaving Mac 2.5 hours later with bags full of stuff. here is my mini haul list!

first of all I don't know how on earth i've gone this long without Print, Gesso, and Poisen Pen. the look awesome together!!!

Print--a matte charcoal grey
Gesso--a matte bright white
Tempting--a vintage goldish color--LOVELY!!
Bold and Brazen--a pinkish peachy goldish color-a good staple for a natural look with some umpf
Poisen Pen--a matte lavender
Scene--a matte medium to dark grey
Soba--a khaki--I plan on using it as a blending color

Jampacked--a red raspberry color--i havent tried this on yet but you can probably go heavy or sheer with this. its a beautiful color in the tube
Enchantress--a goldish pink--great for every day wear or with a dramatic eye

#252--large synthetic shader brush
#272--small angled shader brush--OMG I couldnt sleep last night just thinking about how this was going to help my outer V game. woke up this morning and tried it out and it fits my eye PERFECTLY! I won!!!!

NC45 Select Sheer Loose Powder--I opted for a loose powder instead of my usual Studio Fix to set my liquid foundation. So far so good! I actually have less shine than when I use the Studio Fix pressed powder

here is a pic of all my goodies!!!

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