Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Look--new foundation......

Hey Gals!!! I know i've been M.I.A. in the past week but you know Hurricane Ike threw a monkey wrench into my routine. So I'm going to post what i've been doing in the mean time.

Also, RUN to Ulta (or ) this week. They're having a buy 3, get 3 free and you can mix and match between your favorite brands!!! that's like the whole store being BOGO!!! Now I know you can find 6 things in there that you 'need', so hurry up while your favorite colors are still there. This is also a good opportunity to try something new!

here's my latest look. I am on a quest for the perfect foundation/flawless skin. so i went to Mac yesterday and asked for a new foundation, highlighting, and contour colors. While i'm not in love with the over highlighting she did under my eyes, I love the foundation color itself. I just need to use less highlighter under my eyes when I do it myself. and wow, check out my nose. I was never a fan of a contoured nose, I told the makeup artist (MUA) that she can 'play' with my nose. She said she had an upcoming shoot where she'd be required to do alot of contouring so this was good practice for her. She did a pretty darn good job! It looks like I actually have a bridge on my nose.


What I Used:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC45 (she didnt set it with anything)
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF) in Medium to highlight
Mac MSF in Deep Dark to contour
no blush...I think I could have use some though

EYES: (I did my own eyes)
Mac Greenstroke Paint pot (p/p) on the lid
Constructivist p/p in the crease
Shroom eyeshadow (e/s) on the highlight
Shadowy Lady e/s in the outer V

Mac Hodgepodge liner--for that ultra nude look
Mad Cap lipgloss (l/g)
Mac #4 lashes

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jackie2383 said...

this is one of my favorite looks!