Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look and a Mini Haul

So I did this look last weekend. I've been on this neutral kick lately...maybe because that's what my makeup life has resorted to since i have no free time :-( I mini hauled last week when Mac had their 25% off and i've been itching to try out my new stuff.

They're old for most people but i'm just getting them or rebuying for whatever reason:

Ricepaper e/s--talked myself out of this one too many times. it's mine now!!

Vanilla e/s--i likey. i see this becoming a quick go to highlight

Cranberry e/s--mine crumbled a couple years ago and i'm tired of trying to not get it everywhere ...eventhough i don't use it.

Corduroy e/s--my first ever Mac purchase...back when the eyeshadows had screw off tops! lost this one so i rebought it. i'ts a must have matte brown

Prussian e/s--eeeehhh....i'm nervous about this, as it is a matte2. i don't care for the texture but i need this color in my life! i'm determined to make it work

Fig.1 e/s--matte2 as well. again, i need this to work! its a really pretty color

Twinks e/s--I keep seeing this used in looks and loving it played up or down. I'm excited about this neutral

Spiked pencil--this is more for my kit than for me. Many use it for their brows

Prep and Prime skin--this just continues my never ending search for a primer. and especially one that i like in conjunction with airbrush foundation

Here's a look i did using my stuff from this last hit. Mac is my crack!!!

i'm not liking it really but i post the good with the bad.


Mac Studio Mist Foundation--yes i still have one. never use it and this is why...looks terribly ashy in pics. beautiful in person though! i like the buildable coverage on this

Rose Quartz blush


primed with TFSI mixed with concealer---DONT EVER DO THAT! I was hoping more was better but it still isn't


Vanilla e/s--highlight and inner tear duct

Cranberry e/s--creasae

Corduroy e/s--outer V...i should have defined this more.


Hodgepodge liner

Chic l/s--photos more red/pink than in real life

Viva Glam 6 l/g

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Em Geeeeeee!!!!!!

I got an award!!! I got nominated by Yinka (Vexin The City) AND Patience (Miss Virtue) for the Adorable Blog Award!!! YEAH!

First of I'd like to thank God and the Academy....

ok serious time, this really means alot to me. It's always nice to hear that you inspired someone. I feel like i'm always looking for inspiration and just hoping and praying that someone is inspired by something I do.
I like the idea of this award so I'm following the rules and passing it on.

The Adorable Blog Award Rules are:

Include the award logo in your blog or post.

Nominate as many blogs which you like.

Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award

I nominate the following:
1)Tam (Get it Girl Style)--this chic has style!! from clothes to home decor. All together just classy

Kimberly (Fab Finds Under $50)--this is my new obsession. I stalk her blog daily for what she puts together. She's turned me into a belt junkie in less than a month

Chic Chocolate--Love this blog! great source for review, cool items, and high fashion stuff

Erika (A Pretty Girls' World)--We go waaaay back, like from last year- LOL!, on Makeup Geek. She's got great looks and reviews. check her out!

There are loads more I love and would like to nominate, but I fear I may be here all day if I do! :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm feeling a little blue

I'm determined to get my makeup mojo back so I wanted to do a bold look this weekend for a wedding we were going to. I usually go alot softer for a wedding ...especially since this was my old boss' wedding....but this is what Sabrena wanted to do so.....
My first idea was to use MUFE 92 in the look but then at the last minute decided on using Mac Electric Eel. The last time I wore it was about 6 years ago and my mom said 'o that's just way too much blue' when she saw me *insert sad face here*. Well since that day, i've been scared to wear it out...much less to a wedding.
In the pan it looks very blue, but when you put it next to another blue (Mac Deep Truth), you can really see the green in it come through.

Hope you like it!

***I did a tutorial on this look. I still need to edit it though so look for the link on here or on youtube in the next couple days :-)

me and the hubby at the wedding

What I used:

all Mac unless noted


Studio Fix Fluid in NC45--i was scrapping the bottle on this

Slave to Love blush

Blunt blush



Electric Eel e/s

Deep Truth e/s

Sally Girl Taupe e/s (from Sally's beauty supply)

Sally Girl Brown Black e/s

Naked Lunch e/s
Carbon e/s


Hodgepodge l/l

Baby Pink Mint l/s---new lip fav! they're $2 this week at Bath and Body Works!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot Neutral Look

This is a look I did when I was in NY. It's actually a look gone wrong but I love how it came out. I think it's perfect for that sexy, neutral look that you sometimes want when going out. Anywho, here are some pics. ENJOY!

I don't have a tutorial on this look but i've gotten alot of requests for it so i think i'm gonna do one!

What I used:

all mac unless noted
Revlon colorstay liquid foundation in caramel
select coverup concealer in nc40 (or 45...need to check..i have too many)
MSF Deep Dark (contour cheeks)
Nars Deep Throat blush

bamboom paint
mulch e/s
subtle pigment
bobbie brown rich brown e/s
carbon e/s
loreal linear intense liquid liner

hodgepodge liner
Viva glam 5 l/g

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coral Summer Look

At The Makeup Show in New York a few weeks ago, I discovered a makeup line called Powder Puff Beauty that had ALOT of really nice colors. For some reason I had passed it up on day 1...probably because I was going crazy over all the airbrush stuff around me. But day 2 when the show was almost over, I went to the Powder Puff table. They even offer a pro discount so you know I was immediately all over them. haha

Check them out: http://www.powderpuffbeauty.com/

I will also say that their neutral palette is GORGEOUS in person and my sis has used it and loves it. I will be ordering another one!

I also did a tutorial on this look. check me out!


Indoor lighting....I like how the sheen of the blush looks indoors

Different lighting...natural light

What I used:

PPB= Powder Puff Beauty


Kett foundation--airbrushed

Kett foundation--for cheek contour

PPB blush in Tart--the brightest coral/pink color

PPB in Sunrise--the shimmery coral color


PPB Venice--on lid

PPB Creamsicle in crease to brow bone

PPB Demure--highlight and inner tear duct

PPB Zoe--crease

Bobbie Brown Rich brown--crease


PPB--Mocha Mauve l/l

PPB Tart (it's a blush)

Mac clear lipglass

Calgon, take me away!

ok so I know i've been M.I.A. for the past month or so. But not because I don't love you guys but because i've been working like a Hebrew slave!!!! Between being a new mom, old married woman, and a coworker, the 'fun' part of my life has taken a back seat. I so miss doing looks and tutorials and have been just having time to do boring day to day work looks. boooooo..... :-( But I'm determined to get back my Brena time!!!..before I go crazy or kill somebody.

i'm so sorry!! to all my subscribers, i've seen all the messages you've sent me. I just flat out haven't had time to respond. i know, i suck.

So, to make up for the time i've been gone, I'm going to be doing quite a few posts in the next couple weeks and we'll call it a truce. cool? good.... ;-)

Upcoming posts:
New York Makeup Show 2009--I was there!!!!
New York Makeup Show 2009 Mega Haul--I need to be beaten for this one. you'll see...
Coral/Salmon summer look
Hot Neutral look--yes it's possible. HA!
Lush reviews--(Sweet Japanese Girl, Herbalism, Tea Tree tablets, various bath bombs, various bath soaps)

stay tuned!!!!