Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coral Summer Look

At The Makeup Show in New York a few weeks ago, I discovered a makeup line called Powder Puff Beauty that had ALOT of really nice colors. For some reason I had passed it up on day 1...probably because I was going crazy over all the airbrush stuff around me. But day 2 when the show was almost over, I went to the Powder Puff table. They even offer a pro discount so you know I was immediately all over them. haha

Check them out: http://www.powderpuffbeauty.com/

I will also say that their neutral palette is GORGEOUS in person and my sis has used it and loves it. I will be ordering another one!

I also did a tutorial on this look. check me out!


Indoor lighting....I like how the sheen of the blush looks indoors

Different lighting...natural light

What I used:

PPB= Powder Puff Beauty


Kett foundation--airbrushed

Kett foundation--for cheek contour

PPB blush in Tart--the brightest coral/pink color

PPB in Sunrise--the shimmery coral color


PPB Venice--on lid

PPB Creamsicle in crease to brow bone

PPB Demure--highlight and inner tear duct

PPB Zoe--crease

Bobbie Brown Rich brown--crease


PPB--Mocha Mauve l/l

PPB Tart (it's a blush)

Mac clear lipglass


Naylaah said...

luv this makeup

Lrigyttiw said...

LOVE the hair. I need help with my eyes!

Young Wisdom said...

If you are sharing where, how, you did you hair I would love to know..
--It looks great!