Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Besides a black smokey eye, jewel tones are my favorite eyeshadow colors. So you know when i saw the Mac Hello Kitty pigment in Deep Blue Green I almost passed out, right??!! it's a GORGEOUS deep blue green color (they were right on the money with naming that one...haha). It's now my favorite color--not only because of it's uniqueness, but also the versatility. This color can literally be combined with almost anything--peach, green (it would look so fab with Bitter e/s), golds (mulch, all that glitters), silver (silver ring).....

In the look below, i combined it with a violet and hot pink e/s to get a very dramatic party look. don't ask me what the sparkles are on my eye on that one pic..... my camera does funny stuff some times.
hope you like it!!! I'm not done editing the tut but there IS one so stay tuned :-) also, I will be uploading some more pics later with better angles so you can really see the colors.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here kitty kitty kitty....

I got to use my new Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette this weekend!!! and to think i wasn't going to get it........ It's my favorite palette and i'm not even a Mac palette buying kinda girl. I think the colors look good on all skin tones but look especially good on very dark skin tones. So before you count this palette out, go try it on at the Mac counter with a paint pot or some kind of primer on first. When the collection had first launched, I swatched it on my hand, no primer or anything. everything looked a bit chalky and I didn't think i needed Too Dolly (the aqua color)...though i dont have anything like it. And I thought that Stately Black (the 'black' in the quad). But after seeing it on a MUA using a neutral palette and seeing how beautiful Too Dolly was and seeing that Stately Black was actually a blue, i HAD to have it!!!!

here's the look i did with 2 of the colors this weekend. I can't wait to do a look with the pink!!!

all Mac unless otherwise stated...

Studio Fix Fluid NC45
NC45 select cover up concealer
Slave to Love blush
Definitive blush

Soft Ochre paint pot
Too Dolly
Stately Black---see, you can't get caught up in color will throw you off!!!
Cork--you could just use any neutral taupe-y color

Hodgepodge liner
Nars Sand Piper l/g (this is what was on first but i was eating all day and chewed most of it off)
Viva Glam 6 l/g (layered on top of the sand piper after it wore off)