Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here kitty kitty kitty....

I got to use my new Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette this weekend!!! and to think i wasn't going to get it........ It's my favorite palette and i'm not even a Mac palette buying kinda girl. I think the colors look good on all skin tones but look especially good on very dark skin tones. So before you count this palette out, go try it on at the Mac counter with a paint pot or some kind of primer on first. When the collection had first launched, I swatched it on my hand, no primer or anything. everything looked a bit chalky and I didn't think i needed Too Dolly (the aqua color)...though i dont have anything like it. And I thought that Stately Black (the 'black' in the quad). But after seeing it on a MUA using a neutral palette and seeing how beautiful Too Dolly was and seeing that Stately Black was actually a blue, i HAD to have it!!!!

here's the look i did with 2 of the colors this weekend. I can't wait to do a look with the pink!!!

all Mac unless otherwise stated...

Studio Fix Fluid NC45
NC45 select cover up concealer
Slave to Love blush
Definitive blush

Soft Ochre paint pot
Too Dolly
Stately Black---see, you can't get caught up in color will throw you off!!!
Cork--you could just use any neutral taupe-y color

Hodgepodge liner
Nars Sand Piper l/g (this is what was on first but i was eating all day and chewed most of it off)
Viva Glam 6 l/g (layered on top of the sand piper after it wore off)


J said...

This looks incredible, great job!! I'm so tempted by it now x

J said...

ps. LOVE the hair!!

Erin said...

Perfect!! Thanks for the inspiration on how to use this palette. I was having issues.

Love the hair as well!!!

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

This is so gorgeous! I'm sure I can recreate something similar without the palette. Maybe I'll try! And your hair is so lovely~

...ALLmEYEne... said...

I do love the Too Dolly palette. I questioned myself for hours about this palette, but the colors pop on my skin (NC45).

I've only done 1-2 HK looks so far mainly using Too Dolly & the Blue Green pigment. I'll have to give this one a go as well.

Lemica said...

I need to know where you got that shirt... you already know the makeup is HOT!

Earthtoned Glamgoddess said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS, but all your pics are. You're brows are FIERCE...Please do a step by step tutorial on brows.

Sabrena said...

thanks ya'll!!! i'm really loving this palette too. not really loving the rest of the HK collection though :-(

Lemica--the shirt is from Old Navy. they still have it and its on sale! i have it in the blue and pink
Earthtoned Glamgoddess--it's in the works!!! :-)

xox Jess said...

Looks perfect on you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not gonna buy the palette on principle alone, but it's a very pretty look.

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

this is soooo hot girl, your blending is on point!!! lol and your hair is too cute!!


Hey Sabrena!

I love your are an awesome artist! WORK IT! Quick question for ya..what type of camera do you use? Your pics come out so clear and and the flash doesn't over take your makeup! I need help!


Sabrena said...

i have a sony cybershot 7.2 pegapixel. its pretty old but it still works. i just try to catch the light and play with my settings so i can get a TRUE color picture. i hate not taking pics in natural light!!! UGH!

thanks ya'll!!! i'm glad you like my work :-)

Tamstyles said...

How about I call you diva chick! makeup looks great! thanks for the pictures of the sofa and stopping by my blog..we must stay in touch here!

Hairs to Beauty said...

i rewarded you girl. check out my blog

joliesdames said...

I love it!!!!
Everything..the overall look is complete fire!!!

Miss Redgal said...

I love the look. so mad i passed up on the collection.
my question is about the fierce hair...i love it! how and where can i get the look?
keep up the fabulous work

sp33162 said...

you must get this all the time but your makeup looks flawless..... o yeah the hair too..... pls share with me where and who does your hair ...... i not seen ayone who rock a lace better then you... i dont know if it is the wig itself or just the application.... i am looking into getting one pls help a newbie.... i from my miami i will fly if i have to pls email me at with the info ...i also saw you on black hair forum..... you are just on point.....i wanna walk the streets of the miami look fab sans like you

MissAnnaBanna said...

love love love the hair!