Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Summer Lovin'--tutorial included

ok so I'm gonna let ya'll in on a little secret....shhhhhh....i'm becoming obsessed with wigs. Any style, color, length, whatever. I think it's just so cool that you can 'be' someone else for just a few hours or even minutes in my case with this tutorial--LOL!

So last weekend me, my sister, my friend Meci and her mom ventured to what seems the place where all wigs are born. my sister had been telling me about this place but i hadnt had time to make it over on that side of town in a while. So imagine my face when i walked in the door---SWEET BABY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG there were wigs EVERYWHERE. and if you've ever been to a cluttered beauty supply, you can appreciate one that is not cluttered where you can walk freely down the aisles. this one was so organized and uncluttered so i could actually THINK in there. I promise you, there were at least 300 wigs, about a bazillion kinds of weaving hair. OMG i'm still not even able to process it all but I was in heaven i tell you.

After trying on at least 50 wigs (i'm not even exaggerating....), I finally narrowed it down to 3. This Marilyn Monroe meets a toy poodle is one of them. LOL! that's my only description of it...and not a good one at that. it makes me feel all summery and playful when i put it on :-) So i decided to do a whole summery golden look that can be worn with ANYTHING. it's so simple too. watch the tut and you'll see. I didnt edit anything out either so what you see, that's it!!!

and i did a tutorial on the look--its pretty neutral but just sunkissed and golden hope ya'll like it!!

What I Used:
all Mac unless specified
NC45 Studio Fix Fluid
NW42 concealer (under eye highlighting)
MSFN in Medium (under eye highlighting)
Goddess blush (LE)
Golden Bronze loose powder
Gold Mode pigment
Gold Dusk pigment
Gold Stroke pigment
Chocolate Brown pigment
Loreal Lineur Intense liner
#36 lashes
Hodgepodge liner
Enchantress l/g


...ALLmEYEne... said...

I've been obsessing for weeks about wigs. I'm trying to go natural...which seems to be a bit complicated. I decided to do a sew-in while I'm transitioning.

I bougt a wig and it doesn't even look good on me. I think its b/c its synthetic and looks so fake on me. My stylist just said i need some more wig confidence.

We'll see how it works out...but I do love the golden blonde.

rubysubi said...

omg it's gorgeous! can you do an eyebrow tutorial? i need my brows to look like yours, they're amazing

princessvalecia said...

this look is gorgeous and as much as my bf hates it I have a love for wigs lol love the color on you and how it goes with the browns and golds

Le petit monde de Shandhra said...

so cute!!! I really like your MU!

Anonymous said...

love the shades of brown,beautiful.girl u need to do an eyebrow tutorial. do you recommend doing a permanent tattoo just to get the shape?

*by the way i found your site through youtube =)