Friday, January 23, 2009


I've only been doing tutorials on youtube for 3 weeks now and already, i've come across some really nice people! I'm not really hip to all the blog and video stuff just yet but i've been getting suggestions from people which is cool. My most recent one is to add a 'follow me' tool to this blog. I had no clue how to do this and thought it might be some fancy script that needed to be added that i didnt have. So i figured i'd ask the person who asked me how you get one of those. and you know what, she told me EXACTLY how to do it. So check me out...(look to the right of this post). You can now get up to the minute S.O. S. posts just by clicking on that follow me link!!! WOOWOOWOO!!!!

THANKS RetailMajorStylist20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


Candace C. said...

Your welcome, when I saw your channel and blog, I was like I have to follow her.

-You just added that and look how many people are following you!

your going to be major!


Miss JoJo said...

I saw you on YouTube first and I just LOVE your tuts. Girl you have some real talent!

I look forward to seeing more videos!

Sabrena said...

thanks Miss JoJo!!! :-)